A New Spring – A New Start

Hello! I am Kristen from China. I studied architecture in the U.K. and I just graduated last year. I am so glad and thankful that I could have this opportunity to come to Japan and do my internship in bandesign!

It has already been more nearly three weeks since I first landed in Nagoya! It is always difficult to move to a new country or different places, but I was lucky enough that I have received so many helps from bandesign and my friends in Japan. Things have gone smoothly and I am finally starting to settle down.
Since it was the season for sakura (cherry blossom), I went to visit Kyoto and Tokyo for ohanami. Being the first time to see it, I was so amazed by how breath-taking beautiful and elegant sakura is! I would like to share some photos I took.
Kiyomizu-Dera Kiyomizu- Dera
Yozakura in Nijo-Jo    Yozakura in Nijo-Jo
Meguro River    Meguro River
After viewing sakura, which is a symbol of spring in Japan, I am starting to understand why Japanese love sakura so much and why so many spiritual aspect of Japanese culture are based on sakura. Now, the spring has finally come; with a new start of the year, it is my new start of life as well.