Life Is Beautiful

Midnight I watched a movie, Life is beautiful, 1997 Italian tragicomic comedy drama film directed by Robert Benigni. The story was a nimble comedy but the background was a deep historical document of a war.
The main actor, Robert Benigni never wanted his son to know suffering distress and entail hardship of the Nazis persecuting the Jews. Finally he was scarified by his son. In the last seen, a narrator said that he gave his son life is beautiful. Similar instances might had been during the world war. I’ve just returned form Germany, thus I profoundly felt the story.
To tell you the truth, my dad passed away when I was young. He was an architect and used to work at an architectural firm. Actually I also used to work at the same firm and became an architect now. He might guide me to the way.
Meanwhile… what shall I give my sons??
Can I carry to my sons life is beautiful?? like my dad.