タンギー爺さん Pere Tanguy




以上の内容をアメリカの友人に知らしめてやろうと自作のエッセイが何部かコピーされ、いせ辰の版画の付属品として大事に保管されていたのを今見つけたのでした。(笑) 今それを改めて読んでみると、ウォーホルと比較するのは今思えば少々恥ずかしい気持ちになってしまいますが、改めてニューヨーカーに対して日本人として誇らしい気分になりました。以下がその手紙です。
I found my essay with woodcut printing in my closet today. Do you know Pere Tanguy by Gogh? Please read below.
Do you know the picture, Pere Tanguy 1887,painted by Vincent van Gogh?
Many Japanese pictures were painted by Gogh on the background of Pere Tanguy. In the late 19th century, Japanese art style became popular in Paris after Paris expo showed it at Japan pavilion. At that time, Tanguy opened an art gallery in Paris, and seemed to show many Japanese pictures to Gogh. Gogh is known as the person who has little friendship, but Tanguy might be close friend.
You can see 6 Japanese pictures. Every picture was a woodcut because Tanguy soled Japanese woodcuts. Especially Japanese woodcut is known as the Ukiyoe now. Flourishing in Edo period after late 18th century, the Ukiyoe was Japanese traditional art style, and showed Japanese manners and customs of Edo. Edo is Tokyo now.
I would like you to notice the background at the lower left. There is a woodcut of Japanese morning glories.
It seems that Gogh imitated below the picture printed by the Isetatu, woodcutting shop established since Edo period. The fact that the Isetatu’s picture was on Gogh’s picture is seldom known to Japanese because recently the fact was proved by French scholar. The Isetatu doesn’t have the same woodcut now, but we can get many other beautiful woodcuts. Its woodcut was crepe picture, kind of napkin. The Isetatu inspired cheap paper productions with Japanese traditional art style. One woodcut could make a large quantity of pictures technically. Japanese traditional art was flourishing in that manner throughout Japan and all over the world.
On the other hand, in the 1960’s of New York City, Andy Warhol created Pop art by silk screen, skill in printing. It was said that he repeatedly printed a large quantity of pictures and gave new value of art to the general public. It is a remarkable incident that the same method was used by Japanese woodcut at least 150years ago.
Staying in Tokyo for 4 month, I found the Isetatu. At the same time, I recognized how to enjoy art life, and I would like to introduce it for you. Have fun my souvenir from Japan!                  December/2005  Hisanori Ban